“A two-year process”. This guy was a duty for his wife and three daughters, and for them he lost 233 kg.

Our character was just 35 years old when he discover his weight is 330 kg. He was married, had 3 daughters, and didn’t want to continue his life like this.

Killas Givens had to stop walking because of his weight and his beloved had to take care of him. Also, they’ve met when a guy was overweighted, but it didn’t scare a female.

When Givens understood that the weight is an obstacle for him and his partner Jessica, he decided to lose weight. He became a member of a show called <I weight 300 kg>.

Applying for the project and going to a doctor was a good idea, because as doctor said, if he would come a little bit late, it might be fatal for him.

During that, Givens lost 70 kg and was able to walk.

After this, he could take the operation for reducing stomach and everything went well. Time passed and he lost more than 200 kg!

After this success, the doctors decided to remove the excess skin. This journey gave Givens opportunity to get back to his life and enjoy it with his family.

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