The mother cat took three newborn ducklings and raised them with her three kittens.

Maternal love is a formidable opponent. A mother’s love and loyalty has no bounds in both humans and animals.

This mother cat’s story is exceptional in that, in addition to her newborn kittens, she opted to care for orphaned young ducklings.

After their beloved cat gave birth to three kittens, a pet-loving couple was mystified by her strange behavior.

She was responsible for three orphaned ducklings. The cat’s owners were concerned about the ducklings’ safety, but they did not believe their cat would hurt them.

In any case, the two needed to exercise caution and keep a watch on their cat to ensure she was just attempting to assist them. Mother cat expressed her desire to care for the duckling as if it were one of her own kittens, demonstrating that their fears were unfounded.

According to the duo, three young ducklings dashed beneath the mother cat as soon as she laid down.

The owners embraced their mama pet, but she is also the mother of the ducklings, and she imbued both her own cats and the ducklings with maternal instincts.

As the ducklings get older, mother feline will undoubtedly realize they are not her kittens. Their feelings for them, on the other hand, aren’t going away. Even if she isn’t their biological mother, she will always be their mother.

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