A malnourished puppy is saved from euthanasia thanks to donated dog blood.

A limp white dog was brought to the rescue in horrible shape. The puppy, who was just a few weeks old at the time, was fast deteriorating in front of our eyes, and we were preparing for the worst. The sanctuary’s owner, on the other hand, stepped in to save the day.

In an attempt to save her life, she planned to take the dog with her. At the shelter, the dog was evaluated by a veterinarian. The blood of the dog was discovered to be almost completely devoid of platelets. Because the readings were so bad, the hematological analyzer refused to give a result.

Ticks coated the puppy’s skin, and his mucous membranes were ghost white.

The doctor wasn’t sure if he’d be successful, but he was determined to help the dog in any way he could. She could only be saved if she received a healthy blood transfusion, which had to be found quickly.

With just a few shots, the dog was brought back to life. The puppy’s nose became pink, and the glazed eyes sprang to life. And at the time, the dog peered directly into the eyes of her savior, as if thanking her for her help.

The dog survived the ordeal. But it wasn’t the only good news. When the puppy was returned to her mother, she was greeted with open arms and allowed to milk.

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