After losing his mother, an orphaned elephant seeks comfort and compassion from a new herd.

Elephants make great, sympathetic, and loving parents who are also concerned about the welfare of other babies. In this beautiful story, a small orphaned elephant receives care and comfort from a new elephant family.

A rescue crew spotted a young elephant strolling alone along the river a few years ago.

Because the baby animal was found alone, the rescue crew headed there right away. It was quickly revealed that the exhausted elephant had lost his mother and was crying hysterically.

Fortunately, he was rescued and sent to an elephant orphanage by kind people. Here, he received all of the necessary medication and care. He recovered fast after being administered milk from a bottle.

Because the staff saw how difficult it would be for this orphan baby to live without his mother’s love and dedication, they arranged for him to meet the elephant herd. They had no clue, however, that they were about to witness a magical occasion.

This photograph melted everyone’s heart since the new family’s greeting was so warm. The kind elephants surrounded him and lovingly stroked him with their trunks, hoping to comfort him. They seemed to see his distress and sought to reassure him that he wasn’t alone.

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