A dog from a shelter strived to show what a nice companion he was until his family accepted him.

Every dog’s dream is to have its own house and loving owners, but many canines do not obtain their wish.

So this lovely Pitbull named Rushy was videotaped at an animal shelter, trying to persuade his potential owners that he would make a great companion.

Rushy cradles the blanket in his jaws and meticulously makes the bed as if he wished to show off his domesticity. The pair fell in love with the puppy after viewing this moving video released by the shelter on social media.

Rushy, on the other hand, was ecstatic to see the spouses and waggled his tail excitedly.

They mentioned that their previous pets had died, and it was difficult for them to choose a replacement, but they decided to take a chance when they spotted this pit bull and wanted to make him happy.

Rushy also proves that misconceptions about pit bull personalities are inaccurate and that they may be extremely loyal, dedicated, well-mannered, and cuddly.

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