A small dog that had been abandoned on the highway was adopted by a biker.

When luck smiled upon this unhappy little puppy, she was on the verge of death. Salvation came when there seemed to be nothing left in life to look forward to.

On his way to see his father, this man encountered something surprising. In the middle of the road, a man mocked a dog.

As a motorcycle approached, he thrashed and kicked the unhappy animal, then flung the dog into the air and dashed to his car. As he approached the dog, he noticed that it was still alive.

Brandon wrapped the sad kid in his jacket and chased down the criminal who had mocked him.

Although the attempt was unsuccessful, the motorcyclist acquired a new friend that day.

He’s enlisted the help of a whole team to scour the city for animals in need. The man even wrote a song about how their paths happened to cross by accident.

The dog and his companion became inseparable, and the rider now rides with the dog as if he were a co-pilot.

People from all around the world are sending him letters of love and appreciation after hearing about his happy salvation story.

He softly accepts the award, stating that he couldn’t refuse the dying animal. Anyone can perform such a miracle if they are not disinterested. There are still far too many “non-humans” in the world that mock animals.

If they are confronted with worthy resistance in the name of the law the next time they lift their hand against a vulnerable creature, they will think twice.

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