Nada Three kittens had been left alongside the garbage can when the dog with the large heart came to their rescue.

Nada has the kindest heart I’ve ever encountered, having taken in three kittens and spared their lives. The dog was searching the garbage bin for food when he came across three small kittens who had been placed there.

Nada had puppies before they vanished as she was looking for food. The kittens sniffed milk and came out to Mom, ready to provide sustenance and warmth because she was still feeding.

She was relieved that she could care for them because the dog’s maternal instinct had nowhere to go. Summer was easier for Nada, but by winter, hard times had come in, and she needed a place to remain warm on top of everything else.

The kittens, on the other hand, had grown up and were now assisting in the search for food. Nada washed them and raised them. Fortunately, by the winter, a gentle, single man had moved into the region and developed a strong bond with this family.

They now live in his house, where they have a roof over their heads and food.

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