Grandma, who was told she was “too old” for a puppy, gets the cutest present from her grandson.

Andrea’s grandmother is 76, and Andrea’s husband is much older. They’ve spent their entire lives surrounded by dogs. She looked for a new pet for a long time after her last one died.

The woman struggled to open her heart to a new animal buddy when she ultimately chose to do so. Andrea’s Grandma was turned down by every shelter she applied to, citing her age as a reason for not being able to care for a young puppy. Grandma was heartbroken.

But the young lady persisted in her search, and it’s a good thing she didn’t give up since her efforts were rewarded. She discovered a puppy! She was scrolling through Facebook when she came across an ad from a man seeking a loving home for his cat.

When the baby’s owner learned that an old couple wanted a dog, he consented right away. Grandpa and the girl’s father set out to find a new member of the family. The old lady yelled with delight, as if she were a kid.

While Grandmother patted the dog, the puppy, full of sympathy, pushed her little snout against her breast. Others thought the girl’s grandparents’ age made them unfit puppy parents, but she claims the dog is in the best of hands.

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