A loyal dog yelled for five hours straight to assist his 90-year-old owner.

The dog discovered a way to repay the debt when a kind-hearted senior adopted a chihuahua. After howling incessantly for over five hours to save her 90-year-old owner, the small dog deserves to be called a hero.

For many years, the rescued dog and her owner were inseparable, until the animal proved that it could be much more than a companion by saving its owner’s life.

Maria went out into the yard to check the mailbox one morning, but she lost her footing and fell to the ground. Maria’s predicament was exacerbated by the fact that she had left her phone at home, preventing her from fleeing and putting her at the mercy of fate.

Milky, on the other hand, immediately recognized her owner’s need for aid and decided to help her. She started barking till someone heard her and came to her aid. For approximately five hours, Milky stayed by Maria’s side, barking nonstop.

When the pair heard her voice and went to find out why, the dog’s brave efforts paid off. Fortunately, assistance arrived just in time, and Maria was immediately rushed to the clinic.

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