Dogs enter a dollar store without their owners’ knowledge to hunt for toys.

Gaby had brought her favorite dog, Jony, with her to see her fiancé. After placing him in the yard to play with her fiancé’s dog, Carli, she returned inside. She was only gone for five minutes, but the two dogs had vanished when she returned.

Gaby guessed that the dogs had jumped the fence and rushed towards a nearby field in search of them. She had no clue how she was going to find them and was in a tough place when someone arrived out of nowhere and offered to help her.

Jony and Carli had noted their heading to the nearby dollar shop and began to seek dog toys in whatever manner they could. Gaby rushed into her car and headed to the store right away.

The dogs didn’t seem ashamed or apologetic in any way. They were enjoying the time of their lives until their mother came and told them they had to go.

When the dogs are out in the yard now, their owners will be keeping a tight check on them in case they try to jump over the fence and go out to buy new toys.

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