The rarest melanistic foxes in the wild are truly aristocrats.

Nature is often the finest artist, and the depth and variety of her hues never fail to amaze. As a result, these magnificent foxes are yet another example of nature’s handwork. Their unique color is caused by a rare disease in which the typical flaming red coat is alternated with black stripes, providing a captivating look.

They’re known as cross flies, and their one-of-a-kind feature is melanism. The release of melanin with black pigment helps to the beautiful color of animals.

Even though biologists estimate their population once numbered in the millions on the North American continent, such foxes are now exceedingly rare.

Unfortunately, at the turn of the century, the number of these exquisite creatures had severely dropped due to the demand for their expensive fur. Cross foxes are extremely similar to their red counterparts, except color and a more fluffy tail.

And, as the expert adds, Canadian photographer Samuel Saian was able to get remarkable photographs of these foxes more recently. Even though the fox sprinted as soon as their eyes met, they were able to get some incredible shots.

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