The friendly dog and all the butterflies in his yard get along well.

Since he was a little puppy, Mino has always had a caring, sensitive spirit. He likes helping his mum with her projects. Particularly while she is tending to the garden.

There are many different types of flowers and plants in the family’s garden. They draw a wide range of butterflies, and Mino quickly made friends with each one of them.

Even the butterflies have become fond of Mino. They usually decide to relax for a while on him. He is usually really considerate whenever they do. He gives them free reign to rest on him for whatever long they want.

Mino has a natural talent for posing for pictures. He and his mother even have their own cooking show.

Since the family’s garden has evolved into such a haven for butterflies from all over, Mino never misses an opportunity to view and interact with each one that comes by. Mino likes his butterfly friends and will do all in his power to be kind to them and look out for them while they are around.

What a special bond between many animals.

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