An eight-year-old girl feeds the birds, and they return the favor by bringing her beads and pendants.

Like many other kids her age, seven-year-old Gabbie likes to collect things. Her own “treasury” has a yellow bead, a little lightbulb, a paper clip, and several other “values.”

Gabbie, however, does not obtain her things on her own, unlike other kids her age. Crows are bringing them to her. Like Disney princesses, Gabbie befriends birds.

And the girl frequently receives presents from grateful birds. Everything began by accident. During the stroll, she repeatedly let food fall from her hands into the path.

Knowing this, the crows gathered as soon as the girl left the home and kept a close check on her to see if there was anything they could gain from this situation.

The crows gathered outside the girl’s house as a consequence, cawing to welcome her and follow her to the bus stop every morning. Gabbie carefully gathers gifts and puts them in a special box. The girl thinks that the crows gave her this present as a way for them to show their love for her.

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