“Shall we move in together?” The girl asked a dog whether it would like to rest in the rain.

Malia hurried back home since she needed to get into a warm apartment as soon as possible because it was raining torrents outside. She wanted to hide and unwind, so she curled up in a ball to be warm as she passed a dog relaxing on the street in the pouring rain.

While the dog’s eyes looked to be flowing with tears, the freezing rain continued to fall. Malia was in such a state that she couldn’t ignore the animal.

After approaching and examining the dog, Malia started speaking to it on her own. The dog seemed to understand what she was saying and sprang to her feet when she asked if it would go with her.

She gave the dog a warm bath when she got home. Malia was ecstatic about this because she had become attached to the pet. She gave the puppy the name Inky, and she and her poodle got along great.

Because Inky is extremely smart, kind, and loving, Malia has never regretted inviting her to her home. Inky quickly adjusted to her new home, and today she is comfortable and surrounded by affection.

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