After five years, the owners of a missing dog were finally reunited with him.

The island of Jersey: The story of Biko the dog and the associated human group began under really unfortunate circumstances. It was discovered that he need help. Thank goodness he got it from a shelter in New Jersey.

The biggest help came from his microchip, though. What did the crew find out after scanning it? that the Biko and his microchip were previously believed to have vanished for five years!

The workers of the shelter quickly contacted the building’s owners and let them know about Biko. They were ecstatic beyond words. After locating their pet promptly, they were able to reunite their family years later.

The dog’s family even flew with him and paid regular visits while he was staying at the shelter to see a cardiologist. This reunion, however, would not have happened if its owners had forgotten to take care of its chipping.

Use this story as motivation to chip your dogs.

Following this occurrence, the shelter in New Jersey began offering free immunizations and animal microchipping. The dog was fortunate enough to assist the correct folks.

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