A kind family adopted a dog with problems and made every effort to make her the happiest dog ever.

Inna, a dog, has some missing pieces. No one wanted to put up with her treatment, and there was no mention of a foster home. An animal rescue group in the UK found the puppy, and after raising funds, they delivered it to Canterbury.

Facebook had images and a tale about this puppy, but sadly… Such a dog was untouchable. This went on until a certain lady’s focus was brought to a post about Inna.

It was Kelly Comfort, a devoted animal lover who worked for the government. By that time, they had three dogs. The puppy was initially placed in foster care by Kelly, who promised to look after her until she found the dog the perfect home.

Thus, it happened. The Comfort family adopted Inna! Kelly and her husband Ross started a fundraising effort to get the Border Collie a prosthetic limb.

The lady first set up a social media page for her while she was trying to gather money for a dog’s operation. She is an extremely patient dog. We can only hope that all creatures with needs will have a bright future.

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