The mother cat enters the veterinary clinic covertly to see her kittens.

The love a mother has for her children is one of the strongest emotions there is. Whether it’s a human or an animal doesn’t matter. We’ll now share with you the story of a mother cat that went to tremendous efforts to be with her kittens. It took place in New Zealand.

When they got at work in the morning, staff members at the veterinary clinic were shocked to discover four kittens who were less than a month old, just placed in a box in front of the door. They were taken in by workers to be cared for.

Even one of the nurses drove them home for the evening to see how they were doing. She was feeding the kittens, so it was obvious to everyone that she was their mother.

As soon as the door opened, she attempted to sneak into the clinic; however, the personnel ultimately allowed her in. When the mother cat saw her kittens, she was ecstatic and immediately started licking and nursing them.

Fortunately, one of the staff members of the veterinary clinic adopted the kitten and its young, and they now lead happy, comfortable lives. Amazing, isn’t it?

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