You’ll cry watching this touching interaction between a homeless man and a dog.

On the streets of Los Angeles, Pickle the dog and Marco became friends. Both experienced problems and dealt with multiple setbacks in the past. And their duet became well-known thanks to American photographer Jonas, who was sincerely affected by their friendship.

He noted that this bond is completely unbreakable. Later, Markus and the photographer grew close and communicated often.

Thanks to Jonas’ help, Marco was no longer sleeping in the open and was granted housing, albeit very modest, that resembled a community apartment with a common bathroom.

Although the conditions were obviously poor, they were nevertheless preferable to the streets. The dog still lives with him in a little apartment and is, of course, unbreakable from him. Jonas then made the decision to pay them a surprise visit once the agreement was reached to check how his friend and pet were faring.

It wasn’t until after the encounter, which was extraordinarily warm, that he realized how much a man loves his pet. He also disclosed that he occasionally sleeps on the floor with his pet since it’s more convenient for him, and he had previously built up a specific area for him in a tiny room with a special mattress, a feeding dish, and other accessories.

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