A wealthy Chinese guy buys a property, puts a lot of money into building a shelter there, and rescues pets there.

I’m Yang Yan. A few years ago, he was a big industrialist in the steel industry. Thanks to his millions, he had the resources to live as he chose, but he chose a different path.

The courageous task of dog rescue required the man to devote all of his resources.

While some individuals just believed the endeavor to be impossible, others found Yang’s actions to be peculiar and unique. dogs are located where the previous farm formerly stood.

He looked everywhere for his beloved cat after he vanished nine years prior. Then one of the neighbors advised he look into the property, which had a horrible reputation. Sadly, he too failed to locate his animal companion there.

Because he had the money, the man decided to buy this property and turn it into a refuge for dogs.

His actions resulted in the rescue of more than 2000 dogs. He still takes animals to the shelter, where he provides them with food, shelter, and medical attention.

As a result of his act, other dogs were also adopted by owners. He now requests for assistance from others, and others respond by bringing him food or blankets.

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