The amiable cat, who likes human companionship the most, is busy with offering pets to every delivery person she sees.

Salami, a cat who lives in Miami, like human interaction and walks the most. The animal came up with a creative plan to talk to her. The cat has already possessed the delivery workers in the city.

She has to play with everyone who brings the owners’ mail or goods, after all.

When COVID-19 began in earnest, we began ordering a variety of products to be delivered to our houses, such as meals, groceries, and other stuff.

Due to our homework interfering with Salami’s sleep pattern, she began to visit more frequently during the day, the owner, Cecile, remembered. The GPS tracker and cameras allow owners to track Salami as she enters the yard.

When the cat spotted the delivery man, they realized that it was attempting to “connect” with him.

Even if the person is not interested in her, she still gets the necessary attention. She’s got plenty of little tricks, Cecile said.

The delivery people enthusiastically pat the cat because they recognize how well-behaved she is.

Salami makes the entire family, including the delivery team, laugh out loud. According to Cecile, people prefer coming to see us so they may meet the cat.

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