A woman takes her dog on a walk, and when she comes back, the dog has a new younger brother.

Earlier, Suzy Nisevich was against having more than one dog in the house. She was rapidly forced to change her mind, and she realized that she could find a place to accommodate a second furry renter.

Suzy once decided to check on things after letting her dog out for a stroll. She later found her pet accompanied by a little, brown dog she had never seen before.

The girl drew forward and a strange dog came up to touch her and wag its tail softly. The moment Suzy realized this encounter was no happenstance, she decided to take the puppy home with her.

The adorable newcomer was welcomed into Suzy’s house and given the delightful name “Sully.” Suzy tried to locate the previous owners without luck.

Suzy knew as soon as she met him that he was incredibly wise and caring.

He quickly shone with joy, though, as the new mother’s tenderness and attention enveloped him. Suzy built a brand-new bed that was large enough for both of her animals. The next night, Sully starts to always sleep next to his new brother.

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