This wonderful guy likes to recycle: Meet Chimney, the dog collecting plastic.

Dog named Chimney and his owner Kate Pollak tour the state of Arizona. To harvest plastic, they cooperate. Chimney has lived with Kate’s family since 2011. After that, Kate picked him up from the shelter and saw right immediately a preoccupation with old plastic bottles.

He would have snatched them up with his teeth and brought them to her as soon as he had found them, Kate recalled.

She regularly praised Chimney for these efforts, which aroused his curiosity.

The four-legged one also urged his owner to save the environment. Through all of these entertainments, they try to help the world. When Kate shares their antics on social media, Chimney is the true star there.

Many others found inspiration in him. People are unable to help but notice him because we routinely participate in cleanups. Chimney has shown up! is a phrase frequently heard. Everyone wants to say hello to him and see him in action, Kate recalled.

To tidy the area, the dog keeps putting objects in his mouth. He always encourages me to do better and do all in my power to safeguard the environment.

He makes this job easier, Kate said.

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