This lovely rescue cat smiles despite having a misaligned jaw.

The lovely cat, Duncan, had a difficult upbringing. The kitten was discovered and taken to the veterinary facility by kind folks. A few days later, Duncan’s jaw began to heal.

She gradually gained the ability to eat without the need of a utensil. At that point, our little Duncan started to purr and get to know the entire clinic staff.

It gave us hope and made it clear that everything will be well, recounts Christy.

Volunteers sat next to the immaculate white beauty day and night. The cat was spoken to, caressed, and they tried to entertain her with soft toys. He needed foster parents who could adopt her and give her their undivided attention.

Duncan, who has unique needs, will look for the right family where he will feel comfortable and at home, according to the shelter staff. At this time, the joyful fluffy miracle is mending, thriving, and connecting with people.

He acts as a continual reminder to everyone that life is precious and that miracles do occur if you have faith in them.

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