On a farm, a kind woman seeks a new home for a young alpaca.

German national Ronny Pohl fell head over heels for a little alpaca she saw on a friend’s farm. She leaped fast as if she wanted to show everyone that she has a strong character and sincerely wants to carry on despite the fact that two of her legs are in poor condition.

The decision was Ronny’s to transport the animal to her farm, which is located near to Frankfurt. The alpaca’s owner took Maria to the veterinarian, who gave her the dreadful news.

The veterinarian then gave the new owner of the alpaca the details of a company that builds wheelchairs for animals. She got in touch with the company. They also designed a special wheeled frame for Maria so she could move independently.

Already, the little alpaca is amusingly pacing Ronny’s property. She interacts with other animals and freely explores her environment, seemingly ignorant of her predicament.

After falling, she always gets up on her own, according to Ronny. After receiving a prosthesis, Maria will be able to live with other alpacas.

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