To demonstrate to her best friend’s dog, Mama deer and her young arrived at her family’s front door.

There is amazing interspecies friendship. This time, there has been a special partnership for more than ten years. Meet GD, her best friend, and Bento, a deer. Laura, GD’s human, had no idea how to care for the deer when she saved her.

She contacted a friend who had previously reared a deer to ask him how to accomplish it. Bento became a member of Laura’s family quite fast. One of the persons she bonded with the most was GD, her cherished dog.

When Laura came back after releasing Bento into the wild, she was surprised. She visited her devoted family pretty much daily. She reappeared when Bento needed help, showing off her kids and asking for help raising them.

She looked to her best friend GD in particular for help because she was prepared to share her mothering duties with her. He loved them as if they were his own children. He was pleasant and affable.

Bento consequently regularly appeared at the front door. Bento still regards herself as a member of the family. We wish them love and happiness for the next ten years of their friendship.

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