Friendly Dog is so grateful to have been saved that he just can’t stop hugging everyone he encounters.

On the sidewalk, Tori the dog was found. The dog was sent to a refuge for animals. Based on how the dog behaved, the volunteers deduced that Tori had likely never lived in the home and had never received human affection.

Tori had become accustomed to the rescuers’ assistants in certain ways. But he didn’t talk to other people or animals. However, it soon became clear that underneath it all, there is a cute puppy who only wants to be loved.

As soon as Tori felt comfortable in his new surroundings, he began demonstrating his love for everyone. The dog walked along and wanted to hug everyone he met.

According to a shelter employee, he ran over to Tori as soon as her collar was released during the initial promenade in the yard and hugged her for over fifteen minutes. It was a sentimental time.

In an apparent gesture of gratitude for being saved and given a new life, the dog just rested its head against the volunteer’s thigh. Since then, Tori has been giving everyone he encounters a hug and has been ever more open.

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