Every day, the dog brings customers to his mother’s shop by extending his paws in greeting.

Bringing your dog to work can be advantageous for the company. Sharon Styles, the owner of this adorable dog named Nova, gave proof of this. While still a puppy, Nova began to draw attention to herself at an open market by sitting with her owner in the women’s clothing department.

Nova dislikes being left alone since she is a very sensitive dog. So I started taking him with me when I went to work, Sharon said. Nova realized right once that everyone was smitten with him.

The dog then began to extend his paw in greeting to draw even more attention from bystanders. Now, the adorable puppy daily wins the hearts of numerous total strangers.

Many more frequent clients who enjoy interacting with the dog and owner have come Sharon’s way thanks to the bulldog.

Along with being a cute puppy, many people discover that Nova also provides them happiness and even peace of mind. One day, a young lady passing by our office halted and asked if she might pet Nova. Then she went on to say how happy she was to meet Nova despite having recently lost her bulldog,’ Sharon continued.

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