Although the girl resisted keeping the puppy, her mother was able to convince her.

Zenda was a stray dog from Panama. She once found food in a pile of trash in the courtyard of one of the buildings, and it was there that a really kind girl discovered her. Zenda was so fixated on her with her hungry gaze that she was unable to move away.

She enticed the dog and took her home by offering her a turkey thigh from the car. They appeared to have had the dog for a few weeks. She was treated with care by the young woman and her mother, who also gave her delicious meals.

After all, Zenda was quite large and weighed 22 kg. Later on, we found out that Zenda had a previous owner who had abandoned her.

The girl thought of leaving Zenda because she had a restless personality and had trouble adjusting to the new house.

The girl’s mother also had health concerns, and Zenda was at conflict with the two more cats who lived in the house.

The girl’s mother, however, fell in love with the dog and would not let her leave, thus the dog ended up staying at the family permanently.

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