Once a blanket was provided to this cat. It’s been almost a year, and he still won’t give it up.

Sara works in a veterinary clinic, which is where many stray animals end up, and which has a fund to rescue stray dogs and cats. 20-day-old kittens were delivered to that facility about a year ago. A third of them need assistance, but the other two were fine.

The kitty was supposed to be cared for by Sarah, and when she did so, she developed feelings for him. After the procedure, Sarah kept the cat with her for a week to monitor his health. His name was Renley.

The girl and her fiance provided for Renley nicely; they even bought a blanket and a small bunny toy just for her.

He has been around for about a year, yet he still won’t give up his gifts.

At the end of the day, Renley brings the blanket to his bed, wraps himself in it, and drifts off to sleep. Renley carries the blanket about with him and won’t let go of it.

The daughters and her young man decided to keep Renley with them for the rest of their life after realizing they couldn’t bear to part with him.

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