Pitbull sleeping with her new guinea pig siblings after being rescued from the streets.

Pit bull puppy Mokia, who is two years old, was found on the street. Her owner was forced to live on the streets due to a difficult situation. When he was no longer able to care for a pet, Mokia became a stray dog.

The pit dog, however, continued to have good luck when Krista Gamayo, 44, noticed her at the San Francisco municipal shelter where she had been sent after being arrested.

Krista uses Freya and Pano as her test subjects.

The dog sniffed the guinea pigs through the bars of the cage before getting to know them better while Krista held them on her lap.

For several months, the owner would put the guinea pigs on the couch and let Mokia feel their soft fur.

The woman set the rats free on the floor after she realized everything was well. She noticed Freya and Pano asleep in Mokia’s arms after 30 minutes had passed. Since then, the rescued dog and the two new companions have become inseparable.

After discovering that Krista kept guinea pigs at her house, the staff at the shelter began to dissuade her against acquiring the dog. Fortunately, everything went smoothly.

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