To let the dogs in a shelter realize they’re not alone, a caring woman reads to them.

For the great majority of animals who had previously lived on the streets or were abandoned by careless owners, moving into a shelter is unquestionably an improvement. Unfortunately, adoption doesn’t frequently take place right after an animal is taken from a shelter.

Because of their pasts, many animals find it incredibly difficult to trust people again. This has further reduced their prospects of finding a new home. Fortunately, there are still a lot of people who wish to help these poor folks.

And the perfect example is this Pittsburgh woman. In order to let the elderly canines at the local shelter know they weren’t alone, the lady decided to go there.

A volunteer at a shelter in Virginia captured the sweet moment on camera, and the moving pictures were uploaded online. She also exhorted people to volunteer their time to aid in the care of these creatures.

She notes that there is always a need for volunteers. It is possible to do everything, including walking the dog, caressing the cat, and saving the rabbits!

I don’t get to go there as often as I would want because of work, but when I do, it really makes my day.

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