Having met by chance on the road, a man and this wild bird share a wonderful friendship.

One evening, a construction worker was returning home on his bicycle when he noticed a little bird lying by the side of the road. The man brought the bird home after picking it up. He began to take care of the feathered creature, whom he called Black, by feeding him.

Black took around four weeks to recover and resume flying. During this time, he and he were good friends, and he did not want to be without him. Eddie then constructed a lawn aviary for his bird friend.

He now visits the man often and occasionally stays the night there. He is now my closest buddy, and we frequently communicate. Black is regularly mentioned by city dwellers, and if I go for a walk without him, they ask where my feathered companion is.

Black is a beautiful pet. Eddie stated. Black tenderly pats his two-legged friend on the back whenever he sees him to demonstrate how close they are. I was quite well known in my hometown, but because of Black, my popularity has well exceeded its borders.

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