The playful lion growled loudly, surprising the wildlife photographer, then grinned and winked at him.

In September, wildlife photographer Tom Disick traveled on safari. He will never forget this holiday as a result of this fascinating encounter. The photographer was taken aback when he first spotted the lion and knelt down to take pictures of it.

The lion didn’t seem to be doing anything else except smiling at the concerned photographer, according to the South Media Outlet.

I am the king of the forest, he declared, winking at me and asking, “Ha-ha, nervous? ” thereafter. — Tom spoke what he was thinking.

He asserted that the lion and the lioness shared a 10- to 15-meter swimming distance. The man said that despite being amazed by the lion’s size, he was quite happy with the photographs.

He declared that the King of the Jungle is the best subject for photographers. He stated, “I’m very happy I had the opportunity to record him in such expressive positions.

Lions regularly show their playful side despite being among the most formidable creatures on Earth. This is referred to as nature’s gift. What a silly lion, I guess.

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