A kind cat gave a homeless adolescent musician his life back when he was living on the streets.

Vocalist Mike had to endure a lot of hardships. He started off residing on the streets. He believed he would never get better and that things would only grow worse. He was fortunate to find a lovely cat, and before he knew it, they were fast friends.

Mike entertained the audience for hours in an effort to make some cash. He understood he had to help the little boy because of the tenderness with which he had approached him. Even though he didn’t have much money, he spent it all at the vet.

Things have only been better ever since I met him. He drove me back home. He helped him and then stayed with him for a while, hoping his owners would come and get him.

The wonderful little fuzzy, who seemed ready to never want to be separated from Mike again, has yet to be claimed by anyone, though.

Then she made the decision to call him Boo. Because of the beauty of their love, Mike wrote a book that became a big success.

It’s a moving story that highlights the importance of pet love.

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