A graduate was helped by a dog in a picture shoot planned by a student.

Amelia Nepomuceno wanted to be a nurse, but she understood that in order to do it, she would need to put in a lot of effort and perseverance in her studies. But she had no idea what her senior year would hold in store for her.

After graduating, Amelia wasn’t sure what lied in store for her; possibly a job as a nurse at a nearby hospital?

She was fortunate to have a supportive shoulder to depend on. The pupil just needed to look at her companion anytime she felt unsure.

Charming Spik was always ready to provide his devoted owner a sympathetic ear and a fluffy paw of support. To unwind, you might go on a stroll with him, and you could give him as many hugs as you desired.

Amelia smiled at the sight of his attractive features with only one glance. Without Spik, the girl would not have survived the last year of high school.

The child discovered a method to express gratitude to the dog, who deserved it. Naturally, a nice suit was necessary, and Spik was given a fantastic academic cap to match his mother’s.

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