A lady posts pictures of herself and her cat that were taken 20 years apart, and they become popular.

On the social networking platform Reddit, a post gained prominence a few days ago. The post quickly garnered more than 135,000 upvotes and a number of user awards. According to Planet Animal, the woman said that Kitty passed away in December 2019.

She claims to have spent several lovely years with a young woman who was highly intelligent.

‘My daughter and I in 1998 and 2018’ is the job title. Her cat has been her constant companion and source of comfort as she copes with the recent loss of her mother.

“When we adopted our eldest daughter, I was so young that I had no idea what life was like without her; I had no firsthand knowledge of life before she was born.

For a very long time, she brought my mother and I much joy, and I will always treasure those wonderful memories, the woman said. It’s fantastic to read of a bond as strong and lovely as the one the mother cat has with her.

This connection touched many others, and one Reddit user even made a cute piece of art featuring the young woman and her kitty companion.

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