Adorable kitten can’t help but smile since it is so content to have found a loving home.

A little kitten is rumored to be happier than ever, and for good reason. The cute little critter has found a new home and has officially left the shelter.

Since arriving at her new home, the gorgeous fluffy ball has been glowing, and the internet can’t get over how precious she is! Luke, who was abandoned when she was just a few weeks old and is now five months old, has just been taken in by a devoted family.

Luke’s parents and the animal-loving Utah family fell in love with the adorable cat right away. But judging by her beautiful smile, it couldn’t be otherwise!

After welcome her into their cozy new home, the parents still had to think of a name for her.

But due of that smile and that gorgeous face, it was pretty easy. In homage to the well-known Star Wars character, they gave her the name Luke. She is just as affable, vivacious, and charming as she is, so Luke quickly adapted to her new way of life. She immediately struck up a friendship with her brother and sister.

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