A guy establishes a charity organization and takes hundreds of kids fishing to teach them life skills. He becomes the kind of father figure they needed.

Andrew Black, a fisherman, doesn’t go fishing. In order to gauge his level of control over the kids he mentors, he takes them fishing. There is such a sense of freedom, one of the kids said.

“To be here is incredibly special. He started taking the youngsters fishing more than 10 years ago. The first child he took fishing was a neighbor’s child whose father wasn’t there.

The small boy discovered a fish for the first time in his life, and Andrew remarked on how amazing it was to see.

The 8-year-old boy was coming and going from his house when Andrew struck up a discussion with him. I decided to question him one day since I was interested in what was going on in his life, said Andrew.

I believed I may be able to help him when he told me he didn’t have a father. When Andrew thinks back on his time spent fishing with his father, he recalls how it helped him to find serenity and develop patience.

He got permission from the boy’s mother to take him fishing, and he had no idea that this would open the door for a business that would introduce countless children to the sport.

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