An animal sanctuary is driven to reunite a pig and a puppy because of their intense attachment.

Rescuers refer to them as Timber and Baloo. Animals are loyal in their emotions, trustworthy, frequently nice, dependable in their conduct, grateful, and dedicated. Unquestionably, we agree!

Every day, people who come across stray animals call rescue organizations. Animals cannot communicate, yet we can all relate to their feelings. Everyone, even these creatures, needs a buddy to be there for them in these trying times and tell them that everything will be well.

Like Baloo and Timber, the two friends in this story aren’t eager to split ways. A chihuahua and a pig, respectively, were two unusual animals that the shelter saved in May. Fortunately, the animals were safe, and the organization was able to save them.

There at the vet, they had their initial inspection. An rare instance of a dog and pig being good friends or living together is Timber and Baloo. Imagine the excitement the workers experienced when seeing the stunning pair.

The dog and pig were given the names Baloo and Timber, respectively, by the crew. On Baloo’s back, Timber even lies in the same position. They’re simply too adorable!

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