The stray cat is welcomed by the school and becomes its charm: She values each pupil in the school.

A lost kitten is now living it up as a school charm after being adopted by teachers and pupils. The cat was found wandering on a neighboring road and has no known family.

Students in the school fell in love with the cat right away and asked for help cuddling him.

Once the kitten was judged healthy and had finished all of her vaccinations at the neighborhood clinic, the school gave her permission to stay there.

The cat currently lounges in the sun all day and plays with the pupils at breaks. She is addressed appropriately in class and unwinds in the student work areas.

She is well-fed and cared for by the kind and inquisitive kids, and she is content to be there.

Now that she’s close by, the kids can’t wait to come to class and start studying. As they do their tasks, they enjoy petting and cuddling with her.

The principal of the school believes that fostering an appreciation for animals is essential to a student’s education. Because of their fluffy companion, students are even more eager to attend class.

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