It is quite endearing when the cat discovers he has a younger sibling.

Although a lot of people think cats are a little narcissistic, this is untrue. I really believe the exact opposite, as this adorable cat clearly illustrates. San is a sweet cat who has thus far had all the love and care that his mother, Melania, was able to muster.

However, because Melania is having a kid, things might change a little. San hasn’t heard from his prospective mother that he will have a human baby sibling any time soon, but the cat found out on his own and had the cutest reaction.

The perceptive cat detected a problem and decided to investigate it. Melania concurs, stating that it’s a good chance for him to get to know his younger brother.

She even captured the tender moment on camera. Then he got to his feet to examine it. I made the record-click.

In one wonderfully sweet sequence, the cat rests its little paw on Melania’s abdomen and seems to know all the answers right away.

San is ecstatic to discover that he will have a human brother. In addition, he grew to feel a strong feeling of maternal obligation for his mother and siblings.

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