When a Great Dane was seen on the road, a UPS truck stopped to assist him.

The themes of superhero movies and true hero tales aren’t necessarily the same. We constantly encounter these heroes. They simply happen to be at the ideal location at the ideal time and act on their impulses.

These people merely offer aid when it is needed, and this support is extended to both humans and animals. Garvin Crowslley saw a dog in distress and helped it righteously.

He saw a dog that he thought was a Dalmatian while traveling to Indiana. The dog belonged to someone, but Crowslley got in touch with a nearby shelter because the owner most certainly did not deserve a pet.

The puppy’s identity as a slender Great Dane rather than a Dalmatian became clear right away. The dog, who was finally given the name Phex, was seized from its “owners” and sent to a vet for care.

He was taken care of, and a kind family eventually adopted him. However, they attended to him and monitored his development. Then came their meeting again, the driver who had saved his life.

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