After being separated for eight years, a cat has been reunited with his owners.

This cat vanished after escaping the vacation cat sanctuary where he was kept with other animals. The cat was missing for several months. His owner went around the neighborhood many times, posted orientation materials on noticeboards, and placed an ad in the local newspaper about pets that were required.

She prayed that someone had taken the animal in off the street and was caring for him since she couldn’t believe it had died. Her instincts did not let her down. The cat eventually found his way to the home of a kind, lonely elderly woman who looked after him.

The cat’s chip was investigated by volunteers, who found that he was registered to a different address. The cat was ultimately given back to his owner after an eight-year wait because she never lost faith that her pet was still alive.

The cat appeared to be in good condition and had had a contented life.

“We’d heard stories of the ‘lost’ being remarkably brought back to their owners, but we didn’t expect it to happen to us after all these years,” the respondent said. Miracles really do happen, the lady exclaims.

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