Every butterfly in his yard and the amiable dog are pals.

Mina has always had a sensitive, compassionate spirit, even as a little puppy. He enjoys assisting his mother in any way possible, especially while she is working in the garden.

Because the family’s yard is filled with a variety of flowers and plants that attract a diversity of butterflies, it didn’t take Mina long to become good friends with every butterfly on the terrace. The butterflies have become fond of Mina and frequently come to him for a quick nap.

He is really nice and allows them to sit on him for as long as they like each time they do. Because Mina has always been wonderful at posing for photos and even has his own culinary program with his mother, it was easy to snap a ton of lovely pictures of him with his butterfly pals.

Mina never misses an opportunity to see and connect with each butterfly that visits because the family’s garden has developed into such a paradise for butterflies from all over.

Mina adores his butterfly companions and will go to great lengths to protect them and be kind to them while they are close.

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