The little poodle appears to be a tiny sheep due to the adorable circular hairdo.

Due to his distinctive hairdo, this dog gained instant Internet fame. It was developed by a Japanese hairdresser who also happens to be a poodle owner.

The dog entirely altered after the master’s efforts, turning into a fluffy ball with short legs. Instagram users engaged in a spirited conversation after seeing pictures of the dog, with some making comparisons to sheep and others to clouds.

Although the hairdresser’s cunning plan remained a secret, everyone enjoyed the amusing dog in the photos and videos. In the comments, many commended the owner’s skill in cutting a flawlessly round haircut and expressed a desire to imitate this look on their own dogs.

The owner claimed that in addition to its attractiveness, she chose this specific poodle haircut for a very important reason. To help the dog and make it harder for the dog to access the paws, the top of the dog’s coat was purposefully made fluffy.

This is what I consider a hairdo today. The dog likes it a lot. What do you consider this haircut to be?

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