Bero, a volunteer dog at the headquarters, is the most appreciated worker and goes above and above for everyone.

The dog volunteer helps with everything, including unloading trucks, distributing aid, and calming people. As soon as he and his owner came from Kharkiv, Bero began helping at the volunteer headquarters. The townspeople are in awe of the dog’s perseverance as it works all day.

The Belgian Shepherd Bero and his owner used to play in the park in Kharkiv, but now there isn’t time for entertainment.

The canine leaves for work each morning. Two months ago, he and his owner went there to volunteer.

A dog helps his owner unload the boxes as the trucks pass, sniffing each one carefully so that they may be properly sorted, and comforting the drivers as they do so.

But Bero never forgets to take a break for lunch, and he also always recalls when to go to a certain room to get treated.

The items from the warehouse must be delivered to the office of the volunteer coordinators before being distributed to the populace.

Behr carries even five-kilogram packages in his mouth. What a sweet and wise dog, don’t you think?

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