For $1,000, a lady turns a trailer into a gorgeous house. Take a look inside.

There are those who are adept at altering space and things in such a manner that the changes render them unrecognizable. When she returned home, fashion designer Gaby made a $1,000 purchase of an old trailer. Her spouse did not approve of this buy. It seems she saw the potential in this old thing right immediately.

Gaby shared images of her trailer conversion work on her blog to show the procedures required in converting her trailer into a lovely small house. The result was that it only cost $1,000. It needed a major renovation, and Gaby’s husband also got involved. The girl opted not to stop at just changing the covers but she took steps to enhance the trailer.

The inside of the trailer shrunk when Gaby removed the bunk beds and wardrobes. The beds were swapped out for considerably cozier sofas, and the closets were replaced with plant shelves.

The dark wooden panels were replaced with lighter ones. On one of the walls, a wonderful yellow shade has also emerged. He replaced it with a new wooden door. A brand-new oak floor gave the space a unique appeal and emphasized its freshness.

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