The new owner of the dog claimed that he has helped her heal from previous traumas.

Her dog had a profound impact on this woman’s life. Her journey of healing is astounding. She adores her pet and will go to great lengths to protect him.In the previous 15 years, the woman has gone through a lot of trauma. Three years ago, she was hospitalized at a specialist medical center. At the time, Ariel was already caring for two dogs that needed to be adopted.

«My parents and I spent a long time looking for the ideal home for Blue and Doodle. She clarified to the podcast presenter, “They are both in loving households and are properly cared for.”

By coincidence, Ariel Davis came across an ad for a chihuahua searching for a new home. The dog was aggressive and just required one person to commit himself to. His former family did not imagine that anyone would want to adopt a vicious animal that despises humans.

Prancer is a difficult animal, but he has certain redeeming traits that Ariel immediately recognized. In a letter to the owners, she explained why she wanted to adopt the dog. When the previous owners of the dog received this message, they said to themselves, «That’s the one».

She fell in love with the puppy at first sight. Every day, this puppy offers her delight. Ariel’s dog was the one who helped her forget about her injuries.

As a result, this pet is well-deserving of its lifeguard title.

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