A stray tiny kitten’s life was nearly devastated by a hurricane, but she was fortunate enough to find a loving home.

A lady found a cat resting in a pool of mud after the storm in November.

Bessie took a step closer to the cat, who approached her. She muttered something and began rubbing her hand on the outstretched palm, as if she had known the person for a long time.

The lady’s heart sunk, but she couldn’t return home with the cat at the moment and had to leave it in the city. Because the picture of the kitten wouldn’t leave her thoughts, Bessie couldn’t sleep the entire evening.

She grabbed her belongings and hurried to the spot where she had left the animal earlier in the day.

Bessie brought the cat home, washed her, gave her medication, and started caring for her needles.

The kitten gradually gained weight and became used to her new surroundings.

She grew up to be a cheerful pet that was always up for a kangaroo-style gallop and jump. At the time, it was difficult to imagine a little cat sleeping in a pool of dirt in this loving beauty. The woman and the cat were both fortunate to have found each other.

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