They go together, with an adorable young canine riding on the back of her brother.

For a tinier dog like Luna, the world was an intense place.

Furthermore, this is “because she was too young to ever be isolated from everyone else,” and, shockingly, even the simplest things may have proven to be a significant challenge for her.

Fortunately, when the small dog met Beezy, a big Saint Bernard, everything changed.

Beezy, despite his 126-pound size, is a kind giant, and when he met Luna, he treated her like a brother.

‘She went on his back for the first time when he was resting, and she settled in there after a while,’ said Dave, the owner. Because of her lovely brother, Luna may now go on excursions anytime she wishes.

In reality, with a sibling like Beezy, who is inclined to agree with his sister’s wishes in general, it could never have been any other way.

‘Beezy is the calmest dog I’ve ever met; he puts up with everything,’ Dave explained.

‘Let’s just say Luna is in charge, and Beezy isn’t the least bit nasty.’

‘There’s generally a huge gathering snapping photographs while Luna is free on Beezy’s back,’ the shopkeeper added.

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